What We are Doing Now

The expansive network of references the Star has continually pushed traditional, single scholar research to its limits. We thus conceive of the Annotated Star as an online collective resource and, eventually, platform, a community of interpreters and editors, who share the task of uncovering intertextual references in the Star. As the Star advocates for collective religious community, revealing its hidden literary treasures should likewise be collaborative, a communal effort to regain the Star’s cultural depths and historical and linguistic resonances.

As a first step, we prepared an XML-Tei edition of the text on which a system of text re-use annotations can be appended as stand-off mark-up. We then inserted a first, proof-of-concept layer of text re-use annotations based on secondary literature, and using CATMA –a Computer Aided Textual Markup & Analysis tool:

catma screen 2

catma screenshot 1

Based on this annotation pilot, we conceived the preliminary data model for tagging the text re-use in Rosenzweig’s writing. The next step will be to develope an online platform for the text that will, on highlighting a word or phrase, open a form where the user will be able to tag, as well as comment, on the intertextual text they and their fellows detect. We hope to introduce the collaborative platform to more Rosenzweig scholars in one of the coming academic meetings of the International Franz Rosenzweig Society.