Plans For the Future

Our continuing efforts focus on expanding the Annotated Star by integrating computer-assisted text mining as well as developing our own online annotation platform:

1. Annotation Interface:

The Annotated Star annotation platform seeks to allow users to create and access dynamically links to source info and texts. Our goal is akin to a digital Talmud in which readers create their own pages filled with references, sources and commentary.

2. Automatic Text Re-Use Detection:

Given the density of quotations and allusions in the Star of Redemption, we hope to integrate text-mining tools developed in the framework of projects such as E-Traces: GERTRUDE or PhiloLogic. Such text-mining software would enable the automatic and manual comparison of a text against one of the largest digital corpus of German literature, the, which is freely available under TextGrid.

For Rosenzweig’s non-German language sources, we will rely on traditional methods to face a more demanding challenge, that of detecting cross-lingual text re-use. Until larger non-German corpora are available, we intend to rely on the collaborative effort on the part of scholars and scholarship familiar with the Hebrew and Aramaic sources.

Alongside an online platform that collates intertextual references to their source text (right), we also envision incorporating translations of the Star in French, Italian, Dutch, English and Hebrew. Collated translations reveal further nuances of the Star as well as references that are more apparent in translation.

Automatic text re-use detection provides mechanical enhancement of our collaborative efforts. It also enable us to compare and analyze the differences between the cognitive and  computerized recognition of text re-use.