Handelman – 2014 – HARP Grant

Figure 1: User access Star of Redemption with a pre-defined, linked annotation.

Figure 2: Clicking a link opens a dialog box through which users have access to annotations and can login or register.


Figure 3: Registered users can highlight text and add annotations, hyperlinks, and comments through the annotation dialog box.


Figure 4: Close-up of the hyperlink section. Users classify the type of link (allusion, citation, etc), specify the linked text (if on the server), upload new texts, or create links to external resources.


Figure 5: Results of the hyperlinked annotation, which includes a link back to the original text, and side-by-side text display.


Figure 6: Users can also add second links to present annotations (in both windows), as to enable the tracing of ideas, words, or phrases across multiple texts.